05 November, 2012

Cultural Awareness and Diversity in the adult classroom

Culture is not usually at the heart of EFL teachers’ concerns. This talk aims at showing how your coursebook can serve as the perfect springboard to dive into cultural issues, an essential and integral aspect of language. I will show examples of how topics usually found in course books can be given a cultural focus and be transformed into opportunities for worthwhile discussion and learning about intercultural issues. The use of authentic materials will also be referred to as a means to engage learners in meaningful tasks that promote cultural awareness and respect. I will go over the process of adapting such course book materials, coming up with authentic cultural links and using the power of the world wide web to find and organize authentic materials that can bring these links to life and provide a meaningful opportunity for discussion and learning. This process will be made transparent and systematized for easy implementation by any teacher. Presented at Teacher Development Conference in Cusco, Peru on October 26th, 2012.

03 November, 2012

Developing and evaluating speaking and writing with technology

This session aims at exploring issues and ideas related to the development and evaluation of speaking and writing with adult learners. I will go over the main concerns teachers have when teaching the productive skills. I will then show creative ways to develop speaking and writing with easy-to-use technology tools both in and out of class. We will explore examples with different web 2.0 tools and discuss different ways to evaluate speaking and writing in a more effective way.

Presented at Pearson events in Trujillo, Chiclayo, Lima and Arequipa in October, November, 2012.